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posted 2020.12.31

who are you

damien snyder

be more specific

i’m a college student who makes music, videos, writing, and code. hoping to make sure the robot apocalypse doesn’t kill everyone in a couple decades.

what is this

my site where i post things

be more specific

have you ever seen a website before? it’s like one of those, but everything on it is made by me. i made it custom because i like unnecessary work.

how’d you make it

django and duct tape. the whole site is hosted in a git repo here. except the songs and pictures and stuff

be more specific

the site is hosted on DigitalOcean. i wrote it in Django. you can find the source code in the git repo above. i moved the static assets to the server via good old-fashioned FTP

how do i check for new updates

true stans refresh every four hours


uhh i’m going to add RSS soon. in the meantime you can subscribe to my YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Instagram.

how do i contact you

you can message me on any of the social media links above. gonna set up email at some point, but it’s a little tedious. maybe i’ll add the comment box back that i used to have

why does it look like this

i like it that way

the part where the FAQ question asker breaks the fourth wall

whew. glad that’s over