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2 optical illusions that will SHOCK and HUMILIATE you

posted 2023.02.15
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now youve probably seen optical illusions before… but you might be thinking “oh my eyes are too good. an optical illusion couldnt trickc me.” well Think Again! because these two optical illusions will cause you to feel so foolish that you may never speak again for fear of being wrong. but dont feel ashamed. even the worlds top lookers have looked at these images and been fooled. that’s just how shocking these optical illusions are.

illusion 1: guy in the city


look at the guy in the foreground. you probably see him and think “oh that guy is probably not as tall as the building to the left of him in the photo.” well you’d be an idiot! you’re so stupid! that guy is taller than the building. and thats not just my opinion. that is cold hard FACT! proof:


yup. believe it numbskull

illusion 2: guy in the woods

guy in the woods

now you’re probably feeling a bit humiliated. in fact you might be feeling so humiliated that you think you couldn’t feel any more humiliated than you currently do. well you’re wrong again! look at the guy walking in this photo. you probably think “surely this guy’s hair is not the same color as the dirt.” well that’s one of the biggest falsehoods in human history! look again:

guy in the woods

proven beyond a shadow of a doubt – this guys hair is the same color as the dirt.

yup. youre so bad at looking that you may as well never attempt it. you may as well wear a brown paper bag over your head for the rest of your life.