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posted 2023.04.23
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“playing to the scorebook”: on priorizing effort to the most consequential aspects of a goal. unfinished because: realized all my examples were actually examples of different concepts.

“being a better machine”: a collection of popular messaging that assumes economic productivity is the ultimate goal of a life. unfinished because: requires me to go and find all that messaging.

“standards”: a treatise on the increasing pressure towards standardization by media and the global economy. unfinished because: didn’t seem like a useful insight.

“is interpretability possible?”: an exploration of whether we could comprehend an AI’s “thought process” fully, even if we had perfect insight into it. unfinished because: unclear to me whether it is expected or necessary to understand an AI’s thought process fully.

“every night i used to dream”: a short story about a sequence of dreams. unfinished because: started it without any plans for an ending, then couldn’t come up with a satisying ending.

“better march madness scoring”: an explanation of how and why march madness bracket pools should award extra points for correctly predicting upsets. unfinished because: felt too minor to post outside of early march, but i keep forgetting in early march.

“you are what you do”: a discussion of the common, implicit moral lens of “would a good person do this?” unfinished because: idk

“using black magic to add websockets in sveltekit”: an explanation of how i added websockets to my arcade made in sveltekit. unfinished because: took a break from writing it then forgot how i did it.

“minecraft 1.24 update patch notes”: a list of changes that i think would improve minecraft. unfinished because: the list felt more like things i wanted than things that would make the game better.

“the ancestral environment”: on my hunch that it is good for one’s health to live more like ancient humans socially, nutritionally, and physically in most cases. unfinished because: couldn’t find the sweet spot between obvious and unsupported.

“goosebumps blurbs i dreamed”: a list of blurbs for goosebumps books that my subconscious invented when i was dreaming. unfinished because: only dreamed 2 of them

“hobbies shouldn’t be commitments”: on the strange phenomenon of hobby forums full of people who have to force themselves to do their hobby. unfinished because: didn’t know what the alternative should be.

“what the aliens would think”: an examination of what aliens from a Kilgore Trout story might think if they watched earth but did not understand that people did things for money. unfinished because: idk just never got around to it

“Jailbreak!”: an exploration of whether occasional resets (a la jailbreaks in dodgeball) cause people to plan around them. unfinished because: didn’t seem that important to analyze.

“what if NFL teams stopped running?”: questioning whether the true amount NFL offenses should run the ball is much lower than they actually do. unfinished because: didn’t feel confident in any particular approach to lead me to the right answer.

“why are movies not better?”: attempting to answer the question of how studios can spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a movie and still not make it good. unfinished because: didn’t seem that important.

“what failures are moral failures?”: an examination of which traits are considered moral virtues or moral flaws in a person, rather than matters outside of moral fault. unfinished because: didn’t care enough

“90 days of darts”: i once tried darts for about 20 minutes a day for 90 days, and recorded my results and was going to write them up. unfinished because: results not that interesting or rigorous.

“accidentally hurting myself for months”: the internal experience of undereating without realizing it for several months. unfinished because: didn’t know what the lesson would be for anyone other than 19-year-old me.

“is this a good life”: a list of possible life trajectories, asking whether they are good or bad lives to live. unfinished because: seemed more edgy than insightful.

“game features that work very well”: a list of mechanics from board and video games that work especially well. unfinished because: i had one mechanic in mind when i started it, then didn’t think of any more.

“better rolling averages”: explaining why i think rolling averages of rolling averages are better than rolling averages alone. unfinished because: felt too minor for a whole post.

“what assumptions are safe about extraterrestrial life?”: guessing what aliens would be like, and what trajectory of evolution they might undergo. unfinished because: not all that important

“your idols are not happy”: exploring the strange phenomenon that the most envied people very often do not lead enviable lives. unfinished because: didn’t know what the takeaway should be.

“how much labor do we need to run the world?”: assessing how much people would need to collectively work to maintain a high standard of living, if we could eliminate the additional labor needed to enforce it all. unfinished because: too much work

“what we need isn’t more diverse billionaires”: against calls for the elite class to become more diverse rather than become nonexistent. unfinished because: didn’t think it would be a novel insight to many people.