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best moments in music

posted 2022.05.15
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sometimes a whole song is really good. that’s pretty awesome. but sometimes a song is good most of the time and really really good for like 2 lines. they may or may not be great songs overall but i do cherish those brief moments. here are some of them.

my favorites

Revenge Wife, “Lucifer’s GF”: and i wanna take it farther / yeah i wanna show the guys whose girl i am

Haley Heynderickx, “Oom Sha La La”: she’ll never be your ego / she’ll never be your bandit / she’ll never get to eat you like your heart’s a pomegranate

Spellling, “Awaken”: all we want is right here / all we need and more

Little Sis Nora, “Rave In My Garage”: there’s a rave in myyy garage

deer scout, “sad boy”: the world is pretty small / i think i’ve seen it all

Todd Rundgren, “Bang On The Drum All Day”: but my licks were so hot / they made the teacher want to dance

Daisy the Great, “Woods”: you follow the fire to a house in the woods / that’s not where you live but maybe you could / light a fire in a house in a woods

Bill Wurtz, “La de Da de Da de Da de Day Oh”: two plus two has been four for / so many darn years oh lord

George Michael, “Freedom! ‘90”: all we have to do (now) / is take these lies / and make them true somehow

Kero Kero Bonito, “Break”: if you like to lounge, relax or flop

other ones i like

Billie Eilish, “Happier Than Ever”: i’d never treat me this shitty / you make me hate this city

Japanese Breakfast, “Savage Good Boy”: i want to make the money till there’s no more to be made / and as the last ones standing we’ll be tasked to repopulate

Amber Coffman, “No Coffee”: baby i need you / in a serious way

El May, “Fire/Freezer”: in the fire, in the freezer / in the oak and the honey / in my head

The Pom-Poms, “Pass Her The Aux”: it’s a cruel, unforgivable world / and i hate to break it to ya but i’m taking your girl

also Little Sis Nora, “Rave In My Garage”: 911, why you call the police / cause Little Sis Nora murdered the beat

some others i wrote down but they don’t do much for me now

Diane Coffee, “Not Ready To Go”: i must be going crazy / or maybe it’s just i’m lonely

Deep Sea Diver, “Stop Pretending”: honey i don’t pretend to understand

Lana Del Rey, “Wildflower Wildfire”: hot coffee / i’m better