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my idea for a sport


(the best name i can think of is “skipball” but i think there must be a better one)

skipball is played on a basketball court in teams of 4. the offense starts on the baseline with one player holding a racquetball. the defense starts behind half court. the offense gets a point if they can run the ball across the opponent’s baseline without the player holding the ball ever being touched. the offense is allowed to pass the ball to each other, but the ball has to bounce exactly once before it reaches the other player. players are not allowed to hold or push each other.

skipball is played as best of 5 sets with each team getting 11 tries per set to score points. if you score on the 11th try, you get to continue doing tries until you fail one.

LEAKED 2035 IMO questions


Word has spread that a genius yet evil mathematician has leaked the problems that will be contained in the 2035 International Math Olympiad. This mathematician is reportedly a diehard fan of Gottfried Leibniz and will stop at nothing to sabotage math competitions which don’t include calculus. (They also claim to have burned over four hundred copies of Voltaire’s Candide.) Seeing as I once got a 120 on the AMC 10 but was not once selected for my country’s IMO team, I have decided to join the evil mathematician in their quest and publish all of the leaked questions.

Day 1

Question 1

What is 3471239847981237489021374897 times 7807123894710928375490128508734657801634?

Question 2

Suppose there exists a blue guy PP at the center of circle QQ (the “blue world”) with radius 7. Suppose also that QQ has two parallel chords AB\overline{AB} and CD\overline{CD}. The region RR is a blue tree defined by AB\overline{AB}, CD\overline{CD}, and QQ. If triangle ACPACP is isosceles with AP=PC=8AP = PC = 8, what is the area of the blue tree?

Question 3

Prove that every even number greater than 2 is the sum of two primes.

Day 2

Question 4

An island contains 100 goblins, labeled g1,g2,,g100g_1, g_2, \ldots, g_{100}. Each goblin has either a red or a blue hat. The island also contains two gates, one red and one blue. Each day at noon, the red gate opens with probability 2/52/5 and the blue gate opens with probability 7/107/10. The goblins are not allowed to speak or hear or look at anything, except that they are allowed to look at the hats of exactly two other goblins of their choice. Each goblin has 100 days to go through a gate, but if they go through the gate that matches their color of hat they will be killed.

Question 5

Ok now get this one: Is xx bigger than yy?

Question 6

How many numbers are there

colors of noise


“white noise pink noise brown noise” you may have heard of these. well i’ve listened to all of them for about 30 seconds apiece and here are my ratings. the official source for each color is whatever came up first in youtube search.

this is not on the same scale as the ones detailed in that one blog post. unlike music i wouldn’t listen to any of these for fun.